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WorkforceAI Methodology

Our Unique Methodology

At WorkforceAI, our unique methodology includes a reliable and practical way to measure and monitor remote worker productivity taking into consideration the many factors involved. Our virtual daily ‘standups’, regular task completion reviews, issue tracking, monitoring and weekly ‘face-to-face’ reviews help ensure every member is working as effectively as possible with the team to keep deliveries on track.

Performance Management

Invariably, situations that impact performance arise. Some are beyond control of the team or individual members. All such cases are dealt with and a resolution determined through consultations between the project manager, team leader, scrum master and product owner. With WorkforceAI, stand-by resources are always available and can be quickly deployed to fill any void in the team.

This enables the team to take early steps to correct delays or performance-related issues. Issues that have the potential to impact the agreed on estimates are brought to the client’s attention and a resolution is sought.

To ensure full buyin for any sprint, we agree upon targets with measurable results for all our team members.

Agile Speedup Methodology

Remote Management Factors

Factors to consider when measuring worker productivity are :

  • Time zones considerations
  • Constant monitoring, communications, empathy, flexibility, standby replacements
  • Measure incremental progress daily
  • Watch for burnout

Take early steps to correct delays or performance-related issues on an individual basis.

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