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Data and HR Analytics

HR Analytics
There is no lack of analytics data in HR.  What HR data is lacking in today's post-pandemic world to support strategic HR decisions, are accurate data about the organization's skills base, the core and critical skills it needs in the long term to remain relevant and competitive.

A competent workforce is the new business currency. Focus has shifted from what's good for the organization to what's beneficial for employees. The HR strategy must now include employee well-being, remote onboarding, productivity measures, diversity and inclusion along with measurable goals that drive the metrics.

 WorkforceAI's AI, machine learning and data driven technology complements existing HR analytics. The platform was developed to collect, process, and analyze data on IT as well as soft skills in the organization. It achieves this in almost real time.

This type of HR data enables HR decision-makers to assess the organization's skills requirements on an ongoing basis and have on hand information that supports key decisions needed for both immediate and future HR management.
Some key things to consider are :
  • Adaptability, mentorship and empathy
  • Personality, attitude, mannerisms and passion
  • Verbal and interpersonal communication
  • Self-organization and team work
  • Attention span and critical thinking.
Exceptionally high value 

HR Data Analytics

Organizations that adopt technologies like WorkforceAI today to collect and use skills data to address employees' changing needs will benefit greatly from higher employee satisfaction with their managers' interest in their career success.  This inevitably will lead to higher resource retention in the longer-term. These are the ones that will keep pace with IT transformation, prosper and remain competitive in the next ten years and longer.
Measure soft skills
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