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Customer Service Options

Customer Service Options

We make available the support services that  customers need which enable them to derive the best benefits from the WorkforceAI platform facilities and services. 

In addition to the full commitment to our mantra of 'Customer Service Matters', our customers have access to a set of  Subscription Plans and One-time services that support the customer to maintain their workforce continuously ready in the face of rapid changes taking place.

Subscription Services

Our subscription services are designed to meet the needs of mid-sized and large organizations that want a fast, accurate, reliable and cost-effective way to maintain workforce readiness. Subscription license options include :

a)  A Plan Period :  Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannual and annual
b)  Subscription Options : Basic, Standard, Corporate and Enterprise.
These plans are flexible and cater to organizations at any stage of their people skills management.

All subscriptions include a FREE trial and a free skills inventory.

One-Time Service

One-Time Services

WorkforceAI also offers customers several optional one--time services that a customer can request at any time. 
Examples include assistance for :

  • Fast setup service 
  • Training for C-Suite executives and employees
  • IT Transformation implementation
  • Business consulting services
  • Extended customer support

One-time services are billed once and requests can be repeated any time.

Call us today to inquire more about how this platform can help decision-makers increase employee productivity, reduce time-to -market and support your IT Transformation efforts.

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