WorkforceAI is the fastest way to handle continuous change needs in your workforce skills.... It leverages the power of AI to integrate skills data, people and technology with an easy UI that facilitates better informed decision-making. By identifying changing skills gaps and providing the means to quickly up-skill people, it engenders perpetual workforce readiness and sustainability, leading to massively transformative business outcomes. Read more
WorkforceAI Features

List of Features

Our focus is to enable large and mid-sized organizations to build a sustainable future through maintaining their workforce readiness. 

Here is a summary of the main features of the WorkforceAI platform :


WorkforceAI addresses a broad scope of HR skills-related issues including :
  • It combines almost real-time data with trends to tailor solutions specific to the organization
  • Complete up-to-date organization skills inventory
  • Accommodates multi-locations, branches, divisions, departments and subsidiaries
  • Covers multiple industries
  • Includes both hard and soft skills
  • Maintains up-to-date job roles and skills taxonomies.


The features built into WorkforceAI are all geared to increase employee productivity.
Among the things that contribute to greater productivity of teams are :
  • Big savings on talent acquisition costs
  • Achieves 5X plus ROI
  • Enables search of entire organization for employee skills profiles
  • Boosts productivity with great collaboration across the organization
  • Continuous data updates


The speed features of WorkforceAI are a major advantage of WorkforceAI. It is targeted to easily focus on specific goals as set by the management team.
From startup through the entire process, the focus is on velocity, (directional speed) towards the specific targets.
Here are some of the areas where WorkforceAI velocity builds competitive advantage :
  • Unparalled fast startup
  • 5,000+ employee skillsets in one day
  • Easy updates of employee mobility
  • Quick coordinated organization-wide notifications
  • Quickly identify internal, at-risk positions and new skills need
  • Fast access to up-skill and re-skill resources
  • Quick data access to employee skills, competencies, certifications, and experience

KPIs for CHROs

Organization’s senior leaders, the C-Suite in particular, need to see a clear snapshot of the status of strategic KPIs that offer insight into the performance of human resources as they relate to competitiveness of the organization in their industry sectors.

KPIs relating to recruitment, retention, employee performance and productivity available from HR dashboards do not meet this criterion. Executives need KPIs that specifically support analytical decisions that relate to strategic goals. 

Strategic goals and their KPIs are unique because they  show metrics at varying levels, ranging from organization-wide data, with the ability to drill down into team and individual employee skills and performance information. The HR leadership team could better support its relevance b y using newer HR applications that offer this information..
Exceptionally high value


All WorkforceAI processes lead to data that enable managers to make better decisions that propel the organization ahead. 
Here are some of the areas where managers have access to the status of skills and competencies of the entire organization : 
  • Keep a finger on the pulse of the organization goal achievements
  • Identify internal, at-risk positions and new skills need
  • Select and minimize skills gaps continuously
  • Plan and implement individual, team and organization-wide training
  • Leadership assessment of people within the organization

Ease of Use

One of the major features of WorkforceAI is the ease with which tasks can be accomplished. 
Here is a list of areas where this solution excels :
  • Easy user interface, low learning curve
  • AI-based design for continuous employee skills updates
  • Bird's-eye view and detail drilldowns of employee skills
  • Simple method to team reviews

Measure soft skills

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