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Critical and Core Skills

Critical and Core Skills

Critical talent refers to those employees with the key skills that empower the team to achieve its goals in a professional and timely manner.

Identification of these key critical and core skills  needed by the organization is an ongoing process. Skills become outdated and new ones arise as technologies constantly get upgraded and new ones emerge.

Assess Skills Gaps

To accurately assess the skills gap, decision-makers also need a handle on future trends, leadership preparation foresight into critical new skills that will be needed by the organization in the longer term.
In order to achieve this, the organization needs an accurate, reliable and consistent method to manage the skills gap to ensure the critical skills are onboard for success in the long term. This must be done on a continuous basis, especially as changes are constantly occurring.
Skills Inventory Management

How to Identify Skills Gaps

The starting point is to conduct the skills inventory and determine the core critical skills needed at a given point in time.

WorkforceAI was developed for this exact purpose. It offers a repeatable process  for identifying  the critical and core skills needed as more knowledge about new technologies, skills and job roles come to light.

For HR Decision Makers

The skills inventory and core critical skills data are in a form that facilitates comparison and better informed decision-making. This is especially valuable as the overall process for managing the skills gap is repeatable on an as-required basis.
How to Identify Gaps

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