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Quality Assurance

At WorkforceAI, quality assurance starts at the very outset of every sprint. Every team member understands that he/she is individually and jointly responsible for the quality of the final delivery. Every team has one member specifically assigned responsibility for ensuring quality assurance measures are being applied at every step. The focus is on early prevention and best coding practices.

It is important to understand that quality has an associated cost. It takes effort and time to achieve the desired results.

Some of the steps we take to ensure highest quality in the final delivery of the solution are :

  • Develop and share the acceptance criteria with the team for the sprint
  • Team review of requirements for  identification of imprecise descriptions
  • Review requirements for details on  ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do it’
  • Conduct unit testing as well as automated tests regularly
  • Track all change requests and bug fixes during development
  • Focus on what is best value to the end customer

The overall objective is focused on the delivery of the highest possible quality solution within the limits of budget and timeframe estimates for the sprint.

Quality Assumance

Response to Change

Accurate requirements definition is an absolutely necessary component of any agile sprint.

According to IBM :

  1.    47% of failed projects are due to poor requirements.
  2.    80% of rework that needs to be done are due to requirement errors.

To ensure development and delivery of the highest quality results, the first step of any sprint undertaken by our WorkforceAI teams, is a requirements review for clarity and completeness.

Thorough reviews are conducted at the requirements definition level, before development starts. Testing at the staging and finally the production level are carried out by quality assurance professionals.

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Response to Change
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