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Services Delivery

Deliverables are defined in the Sprint Stages document that include :

  • Mobilization : selection of team, technical factors, delivery requirements, methods of communications, standards, roles and responsibilities, problem reporting and resolution
  • Scope : list of things to be included and excluded in the sprint
  • Requirements : Customer definition of sprint outline, storylines, features and functions, design specifications
  • Estimating : A method that takes inputs from all participants of time estimates and used to determine schedule and cost estimates for completing the sprint
Services Delivery
  • Work assignment : Assignment of specific components of the work to be done to each team member
  • Task List and Updates : Team members develop their list of tasks with approximate times to complete the task. Each team member will update the status of tasks and report problems on a regular basis
  • Meetings : Will be conducted for the remote team and meetings recorded for historical review. Daily standups will be set to review the sprint status, issues and problem resolution
  • Reporting :Status reports will be generated from the data and shared with the customer
  • Final checks : Quality Assurance will do a final check with the team and customer to ensure the delivery meets expectations
  • Delivery : The final results are delivered to the customer
  • Retrospective :The team conducts a review of the project to determine what went well and how the team could improve working remotely in other sprints.

All services are delivered by the WorkforceAI Team in accordance with the agreement made with the customer.

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