WorkforceAI is the fastest way to handle continuous change needs in your workforce skills.... It leverages the power of AI to integrate skills data, people and technology with an easy UI that facilitates better informed decision-making. By identifying changing skills gaps and providing the means to quickly up-skill people, it engenders perpetual workforce readiness and sustainability, leading to massively transformative business outcomes. Read more
Value and ROI

A Minimum 5X Return on Investment

WorkforceAI is designed specifically for sustainability.
A major benefit from using the platform is the exceptional return on investment which grows over time. The value derives mainly from focus on employees' skills and competencies which are the driving force behind organizational competitiveness.

WorkforceAI provides the organization the facilities to continuously maintain workforce readiness. Organizations that adopt solutions like WorkforceAI have an early opportunity to keep abreast of their competition and achieve a minimum of five times return on their investment (ROI) within two to five years of using these services.


Value of the Investment

The WorkforceAI team is committed to improving the solution and providing customers close collaboration and support so they get the best results from their efforts and investment.

To get the best results from adopting WorkforceAI services also requires commitment of the organization and close collaboration between the parties.


An Example of Return on Investment

Assume the organization currently has :
-  Annual sales of $500 million
-  1,000 employees and 100 managers
Here is a quick estimate of the ROI from adopting WorkforceAI services :
-  WorkforceAI Subscription License @$2,000/month  = $24,000/year
-  Management effort : 10 hours per month @$150 per hour = $1,800,000/year
-  Employee effort : 1 hour per month @$75 per hour = $900,000/year

The learning curve is minimal as WorkforceAI has been designed and tested to be very user-friendly.
No other equipment or overheads are  required to adopt WorkforceAI services.


The Calculation of ROI

Estimated increase in sales over first year usage is 3.5%  = $17.5M
Calculated ROI = 6.4X  over the first year. 

As the  organization continues to use the WorkforceAI solution, the ROI is expected to increase year-over-year!

Benefits from Investment

Here is how WorkforceAI benefits you to maintain a continuous skills-ready workforce  :
  • Fast startup  : decision-ready data within one week
  • User-friendly UI : Very short learning curve
  • High ROI :  Can reach or exceed 10X within 3 to 5 years
  • Organization-wide assessments  :  Branch level to company-wide results
  • Continuously identify skills gaps in your organization :  Tracks new job roles and skills
  • A fast, accurate UI-driven skills inventory engine  :  Automated through AI 
  • Critical and core skills :  Easily identifies all skills with related competencies
  • Upskill and reskill training :  Identify training needs at individual, team or organizational levels
  • Wide participation :  from employees, managers and executives
  • Decision-making driven :  Accurate up-to-data for better informed HR decisions
  • Efficient methods : Easy access to training resources that cuts time of inhouse preparation
  • On-going :  Continuously repeatable process
  • Flexible : Handles divisions, departments and subsidiaries
  • Hassle-free :  AI-driven data updates
  • Futuristic : Support to grow future leaders
  • Integrated : Easy APIs to connect with HR applications, PM applications and Teams
  • Transformative : C-Suite oriented HR collaboration
  • Supportive : Complete extended support available  
Exceptionally high value

Exceptional ROI

The exceptional value from adopting WorkforceAI is undoubtedly the exceptional return on investment(ROI) this platform delivers to customers.

This is an ideal tool that HR managers in large organizations that want to remain relevant in the future, must have!
Exceptional value
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