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Data, Technology and People

Data and Quality

Information obtained from WrokforceAI has a strong impact on the organization's strategic direction to human resource skills in its workforce. To achieve the greatest level of trust we place highest emphasis on data obtained from customers. This ensures data used by algorithms are of the highest quality. Our smart algorithms check and monitor quality of all results obtained from the platform to meet the KPIs expected.  

Skills Inventory Management

AI Technology and Smart Algorithms

Through the use of trusted data sources for jobroles and skillsets  Data quality management provides a context-specific process for improving the fitness of data that's used for analysis and decision making. The goal is to create insights into the health of that data using various processes and technologies on increasingly bigger and more complex data sets.

People and Continuous Learning

Quality assurance in any AI initiative is an ongoing exercise. As data changes and new sources are introduced, the machine continuously adapts  and learning is constantly refined. Through continuous cleaning, normalization and feature engineering, the models continuously update their knowledge and adapt their behavior in real-time as new data become available. These incremental improvements ensure results improve with time. 

Smart Algorithms, Jobroles and Skillsets

The core capability of WrokforceAI is its ability of its smart algorithms to handle data on IT jobroles and skills, an area  which are constantly changing and evolving. 

Jobroles come in different flavors. Using NLP, the algorithms can detect jobroles that are similar in nature and relate them to the body of skills relevant to the role. Similarly for skills.  Our smart algorithms use machine learning techniques to inter-relate the datasets to deliver not only improved results but also to handle new jobroles and skills such as those emerging from the emerging field of sustainability.

Where inconsistencies are detected, flags are raised by the algorithms and routed to our knowledgeable team of humans for further assessment.

HR and Skills Inventory

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