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HCM Integrations

WorkforceAI HRIS/HCM Integrations

One of the main advantages of WorkforceAI is the speed and ease of delivering useful decision-making data to the management team of the organization.

The native WorkforceAI internal method enables efficient, low-effort collection of the data needed to create and manage skills inventories and skills gaps. The process can deliver useful results for five thousand employees in two to four days. Integration with HRIS/HCM will reduce this time considerably!

Integration With Customers' HRIS/HCM

Integration with HR systems used by customers can greatly speed up and improve the efficiency of the WorkforceAI process.

The proviso is that the HRIS/HCM system used by the customer must provide an API that allows their customers to share the basic data needed by the WorkforceAI process.
Use of an API guarantees the security of the HRIS/HCM system data.

HRIS/HCM Integrations

Here is the llist of HRIS/HCM planned integrations with WorkforceAI  : 
  • BambooHR
  • Deel
  • Eddy
  • Gusto
  • Namely
  • OptimumHRIS
  • Paycor
  • Rippling
  • UKGPro
  • Workday
  • Zenefits

Please contact us if your HRIS/HCM is not in the above list. We will verify if the HRIS/HCM you are using provides a suitable API for integration.


Exceptionally high value

Integration Data

The exceptional value from adopting WorkforceAI for skills gap management is undoubtedly the exceptional return on investment(ROI) this platform delivers to our customers.

With a minimal set of data from an HRIS/HCM or Payroll application, we will reduce the efforts needed by the organization by an order of magnitude and open up the full power of WorkforceAI to get our customers their results faster.

The main endpoints of employee data required for integration with any HRIS/HCM are :
Name, Office Location,  Section Name, Admin Name, Job Role, Job Type (Inoffice, Remote or Hybrid)  Email Address, and Mobile Number if available
  Here is how WorkforceAI helps you maintain a continuous skills-ready workforce  :
  • Easily identify skills gaps in your organization
  • A fast, accurate UI-driven skills inventory engine
  • Easily identify critical and core skills with competencies across the entire organization
  • Easily prepare organization-wide or individual sector upskill and reskill training
  • Wide participation from employees, managers and executives
  • Management Support : Make better informed HR decisions
  • Efficient : Easy access to training resources that cuts time of inhouse preparation
  • Timely : Continuous updates, repeatable process
  • Flexible : Handles divisions, departments and subsidiaries
  • Easily Repeatable : Continuous hassle-free data updates
  • Futuristic : Support to grow future leaders
  • Integrated : Easy APIs to connect with HR applications
  • Transformative : C-Suite oriented HR collaboration
  • Supportive : Complete extended support available
Exceptional value
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