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Customer Service Matters

Customer Service Matters

As a small group servicing large organizations, we know the value of great customer service. It matters most as it is essential to build trust and maintain loyalty with our customers. 

Our primary aim is to help our customers get the greatest value from the WorkforceAI platform. Our team prides itself in the truly responsive way we are organized to support customers. We offer our customers support when and how they need it.

We strive to provide timely responses to your questions in under 24 hours.

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How Support Is Organized

We achieve this by assigning a single point of contact to each customer. These are dedicated knowledgeable experts who answer your questions directly or connect you to another team member with more in-depth abilities of the platform.

Customers have a choice to communicate with us from the set of omni-channel services available. These include :
One-on-one over the phone, video, email, Skype, live chat and other means.

Our primary channel is personal one-on-one interaction.  Live experts providing quick answers to your questions.


We Value Customers' Feedback

We place the highest value on customer feedback! 
We encourage you to tell us how we can improve this service to make it more valuable to you.
We appreciate your comments, listen and act on it as quickly as we can to make improvements that you value most.
As we respond to your comments we know this will build loyalty and trust that are extremely important to us.

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Vision, Mission, and Values  here About WorkforceAI 

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