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Soft Skills and Goals

Soft Skills & Goals

IT Skills alone are not sufficient to bridge the skills gap. Soft skills capabilities are more elemental and gradually but surely becoming the real drivers of long-term business value

WorkforceAI skills assessment includes a host of soft skills assessments.
For example measurement of 'Aptitude', can include traits like Innovativeness, mindfulness, tolerance, stress management, communication abilities, attitude to learning and a wide range of other competencies.
Some other examples of soft skills that could be measured include :
  • Adaptability, mentorship and empathy
  • Personality, attitude, mannerisms and passion
  • Verbal and interpersonal communication
  • Self-organization and team work
  • Grace, social skills, creativity
  • Attention span and critical thinking.
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Soft Skills Measurement

Soft skills assessment is challenging. Assessments are mostly subjective. Some are easy to measure others can only be determined from observation over time. Nonetheless, competency measures are important when dealing with skills gap assessments. Good estimates are better than none.

C-suite executives that have an eye on the future of the organization know that continuous measurement of soft skills over time will help to identify future leaders that the organization will eventually need!
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