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Technical and Operational Support

Technical and Operational Support

The WorkforceAI team comprises many technical experts who are intimately acquainted with the WorkforceAI platform. They can be available to our customers on request. 

Customers who want to accelerate the setup and operational processes to start seeing early results can request this optional service when they first select their subscription license. By requesting this service, customers will start seeing results of their skills inventory and skills gaps in the organization within days.

Technical Support

Our WorkforceAI team resources include support for the following types of services :

  • Setup and initialization of the customer account
  • Preloading customer-specific data
  • Fast start of the WorkforceAI service
  • Rapid skills initialization of organizational teams and members
  • Initial Skillsets and Skills Gap generation
  • Super Administrator support
  • Team members support
  • Services training and utilization

Customer Satisfaction

Our focus is on quality first! We deliberately limit the number of customers we accept to receive the WorkforceAI services.

We know that a happy customer is our greatest asset!
Here are some of the ways we provide our services :

  • Over-the-phone response to questions
  • Other channel service support 
  • Service planning for optimum results
  • Results overview and interpretation
  • Extended support and emergency contact
  • Contact by telephone, email, SMS, chat, WhatsApp Skype or other service.

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