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Job Opportunities

WorkforceAI is a specialty platform for employers who are seeking talented people to join their team and work remotely.

They want to expedite the search so they can quickly grab the best candidates before others do.

Traditional methods of scanning resumes for keywords to shortlist candidates are outdated. There is a better way to connect with employers directly without going through recruitment agencies.

Connect With Employers

The WorkforceAI platform connects you to the managers at the hiring company directly! There is no delay in waiting for a recruitment agency or using outdated tools to analyze resumes. Employers check the skills they need and find you quickly by searching on our platform. We display all the skills you specified when you join our team.

Faster Job Matching

WorkforceAI is the fastest way to match candidates with job opportunities!

We go beyond submitting your resume to job sites or joining a queue to have your resume scanned for keywords.

We specialize in connecting experienced and skilled IT engineers and developers in a wide range of platforms, applications and technologies to employers looking for those particular skills.

What Organizations Need

Organizations want people who have experience in workforce-readiness teams, candidates who are proven team players with the latest technology skills. Our most successful candidates have a passion for learning.

The list of the technology areas where skills are needed include specialists in : Systems Software, Programming Languages, Networking, Databases, Developer Tools & Facilities, Methods & Practices and Business Service Providers.

Type a keyword in the search box below to see job opportunities available to you.

Technology Evaluators Needed

Join the Workforce_AI Team and become an evaluator of other developers' technical competencies. We invite experts who have high competency levels with different technologies.  We offer payment to those with advanced skills. They evaluate the competency of other developers new to the platform.

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Popular Job Types

Here is a list of the types of job opportunities currently on request :

  • Scrum masters
  • System architects
  • Application engineers
  • Application developers
  • Database administrators
  • Database architects
  • UX/UI designers
  • Product Managers
  • Business analysts
  • Agile Consultants
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