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Workforce Intelligence Strategy

Intelligence Strategy

Workforce readiness basically means having the right people, in the right roles, with the right skills, at the right time, doing the right work, from the most suitable location, to advance the organization’s strategy.

The WorkforceAI Intelligence strategy is our data-driven approach to managing any organization's most valuable asset: its people. 

This intelligent solution approach leverages data on jobroles and skillsets from an increasing number of mid-sized and large organizations. Using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, it generates results that help organizations identify skill gaps, plan and execute upskilling and reskilling programs as well as recruit and retain top talent that nurtures an agile, future-ready workforce. 

With an intelligent workforce strategy and WorkforceAI's efficient algorithms, an organization gains insights into its onboard  skill sets, competencies, productivity, and engagement levels. This key data help them stay ahead of the curve by continuously empowering its engaged workforce with a clear advantage to succeed in today's rapidly evolving marketplace.

Skills Inventory Management

Intelligent Algorithms

WorkforceAI uses a set of intelligent algorithms to collect, filter and categorize data about job titles, their related skillsets and classification. These models provide continuous updates on existing and new emerging jobroles and skill.

The algorithms are being continuously upgraded to utilize improved  techniques of data science, advanced analytics, software engineering, and machine learning.

The algorithms promise to deliver improved  quality results as real data are obtained from real people in real organizations.

Solution Scope

WorkforceAI's  initiative targets mid-sized and large organizations in most major industries worldwide. Its intelligent algorithms  use artificial intelligence-powered bots that focus on  jobroles and skillsets derived directly from employees to collect and analyze information about  team members' skills ad competencies. With such accurate and timely data, the solution produces reliable data that executives can use to  organize and execute better plans that meet internal business goals  faster. 

Better Decisions

Armed with advanced data analytics, decision-makers have better information to hone their corporate human resources strategies that improve employee performance, workplace culture, optimize employee incentives and rewards, and reduce employee turnover.

This ultimately results in faster decisions that engage  their teams with the right opportunities that enhance productivity and a better work experience, improve employee engagement, retention, job satisfaction and loyalty.  

The key deliverable is a high-performance data processing pipeline, feeding and maintaining a continuously enhanced skills inventory and skills gap minimization that improve the organization's overall performance and competitiveness. 

HR and Skills Inventory

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