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Business Partners

Business Partners

WorkforceAI builds partnerships with businesses that have proven, competent executive and top management experience in human resources, training and business consultancy. These services are made available to customers directly through the WorkforceAI platform.

Partner Selection

Businesses that want to offer their services to work in collaboration with  WorkforceAI's customers projects, first undergo a  stringent  pre-qualification process. You can view details of the available business partners when you sign up for our services.

Business Teams

Types of Partners

Partners have the opportunity through the WorkforceAI platform to offer their services, participate and submit proposals to work on projects required by our customers. 

We constantly seek out and foster partnerships with :

  • Online training services providers
  • Business and management consultants
  • Offsite or onsite classroom training
  • Customized training


Partner Skills

Business partners have skills in these areas :

  • HR Strategy and Skills Management
  • Building Cross-Functional Teams
  • Managing Virtual Teams
  • Using Self-Directed Teams
  • Growing Leadership Teams
  • Using Quality Circles
  • Continuous Workforce-Ready Teams


Partner With Us

Partnering with us is easy. Businesses interested in offering their services to WorkforceAI customers can sign up through the website.

Organizations, Consultants or Individuals who wish to benefit from partnering with us to offer their services to our customers can apply here;

We are very transparent with our partners. Partners have the opportunity to assess our platform before committing to their involvement. We are always open to discussion about our partnership arrangements.
One of our executives will contact you to discuss details of the arrangements.

Join the WorkforceAI Team  today to explore opportunities to promote your services directly to organizations looking for your special services.

Contact us today for a free consult on how you can partner with us to help our clients better keep their workforce continuously ready for change!.

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