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Skills-Ready Teams

Skills and their competencies are at the heart of the WorkforceAI methods. Employees basically bring their skills to the tasks assigned to them in the organization. Competencies can wane with time.

The WorkforceAI method uses a team approach to monitor the competency of every skill a team member possesses.

Skills Grading

This unique method offers a simple way for team managers to set goals, review and refine skill  competencies during regular one-on-one performance reviews. The process ensures that skills and related competencies  data are always current and accurate.

Based on the requirements of the tasks and the technology strategy of the unit, skills are organized into categories, grouped  into hard skills and soft skills and also graded as critical, core, important or other.

With this primary data, the need for up-skilling and re-skilling of team members can be quickly determined. 

Agile Ready Teams

Skills Gaps

Skills have a shelf life.  As new technologies emerge, skills can become outdated and  the need for new skills arises. By incorporating new skills , comparing the competency goals for each team member, and comparing with that of the requirements, enables  the accurate identification of skills gaps.

This then forms the basis for determining skills gaps in the team and the entire organization.


Skilled People

Skills Inventory

A skills inventory is essential for any organization to plan the way ahead. Having this data readily at hand enables the generation of the skills inventory of the team, the branch as well as the entire organization.


Skills and Technology Strategy

Having an accurate skills inventory that is always current enables senior decision-makers in the organization to determine a better technology strategy for the business. This in turn sets the direction for the other managers to determine a strategy that is based on that of the business. The cycle repeats as change impacts the business of the organization.


By adopting the above process, the organization will be able to maintain teams that are always ready to handle change as new technologies emerge!

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