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WorkforceAI Training Guide

This is the complete guide for WorkforceAI.
xxxxxxxxx enables organizations to fill their talent gap within a short time. The platform makes available a wide selection of skilled AI and data experts to support our customers’ efforts in doing IT transformation in a continuous and efficient manner.

Topics Outline

xxxxxxxxxxMultiple teams working in parallel on different sprints will enable the organization to move ahead faster. We enable this by providing multiple teams working on different projects simultaneously. This gives the organization the opportunity to expeditiously reduce the backlog and move ahead of the competition.

Qualified Resources

Types of Resources

Different types of resources available from WorkforceAI include :

  • IT developers : software developers, IT Engineers, UX/UI designers, systems analysts
  • WorkforceAI Partner Consultants : scrum masters, agile methods, Ops experts
  • Trainers : technology applications, resource management, agile delivery


All resource people made available in WorkforceAI must go through a prequalification process before they are allowed into any team.

Prequalification is done in stages that include :

  • Team member rates their skills on each technology they claim to be expert
  • Verified authorized experts evaluate the candidate on each skillset
  • Candidates who fail to qualify are given options to upgrade their skills
  • Previous employment as claimed by the candidate is verified
  • Evaluation is confirmed annually to keep profiles updated.

Talent Search

A search facility is available to interested organizations wishing to find suitable candidates quickly. You must first sign up to the WorkforceAI site to gain access to the search facility.

The search will find suitable candidates available for deployment using a variety of search methods. Find candidates by job role, technology type, software application and other criteria.


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