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Payment Method

WorkforceAI supports recurring payments for subscription licenses as well as fixed one-time payments for additional support services requested by the customer.

License subscriptions :  payments are processed monthly based on the particular license selected by the customer and in effect at the time. Payments are billed and processed in advance on the anniversary date of the subscription.

One-time service requests : payments are billed and processed just one time based on the additional optional services requested by the customer. The one-time cost will vary depending on the amount and type of service(s) requested by the customer. One-time service requests can be repeated any time by the customer from the one-time service options list in the License section of the website.

Membership services : payments for members who join the WorkforceAI team as partners, incur recurring monthly payments while their membership is active.  Billing will be in advance on the anniversary date of entering the partnership.

Payment Arrangements

All payments are transacted securely online through a reputable payment gateway.
Depending on the service being rendered to the client, payments can be transacted by :

  • Credit cards
  • Digital wallets  or
  • Bank debits
Payment Method

Flexibility Benefits

Subscription services are available on a plan period : Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually or Annually. 
The customer can upgrade its subscription or one-time service any time. 

Billing and payments will be updated immediately on the customer request to change the service(s) required.

Flexibility Benefits

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