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Cancellation and Refund Policy

General Terms

The terms 'Company',  ‘WorkforceAI’, ‘we’ and ‘us’ refer to the WorkforceAI services platform provider. The term ‘you’ and ‘our’ refer to the person who accessed the WorkforceAI website.

This policy forms part of the Terms and Conditions that govern the use of the WorkforceAI website and solutions. Payments are made online and occasionally by other methods by customers who sign up to receive a service through the WorkforceAI services. Each signup is referred to as a Project. Payment on a project can be a fixed one-time payment or a recurring subscription as selected by the customer.

Project cancellation and refunds are subject to the terms and conditions described below. Customers who book Projects with WorkforceAI have the sole responsibility to read and agree or disagree with these Cancellation and Refunds terms and conditions. Do not sign up for a WorkforceAI service if you do not agree with our Terms of Service.

Rights to determine

We reserve the rights to cancel any Project at any time, whether payment was made or not, due to circumstances beyond our control. In the event we have to cancel a Project for which you have contracted, we will notify you within 24 hours of us becoming aware of the circumstances. You are responsible for monitoring the circumstances that may affect your service with WorkforceAI and agree to inform us immediately you become aware of any circumstance that will prevent you from safely accessing your Project.


Claims for refunds are restricted to monies paid by customers directly to us towards a one-time service for their Project costs. We are not responsible for monies paid to third parties to cover other costs for this  or other Projects.

Subscription payments for services cover a monthly service. The service will continue to be available for the subscription period and automatically renew unless it was cancelled by the user during the previous period, in which case subscription payment renewal will cease and the service discontinued in the ensuing period. A written cancellation of intent to cancel must be received by the Company confirming cancellation of a subscription service. No refunds or proration of refunds will be made for a partial period of particular month for periods where the customer claims they did not receive or use the service.

Cancellation Protection

We offer an Project Cancellation Protection plan that offers a 100 percent refund of your Project subscription costs under circumstances where service disruption occurs for reasons beyond your or our control. A cancellation protection offer is available when you first contract and pay for your Project, subject to the conditions specified below.

Project Postponement

In the event where circumstances do not permit you to start your Project on the planned date, you have the option to postpone the start date for as long as you wish, without affecting any other conditions of your contract. This option applies only to one-time payment for Projects that are contracted and fully paid up. You must notify us in writing of your intention to postpone your Project services at least 24 hours in advance of the Project service commencement, currently the planned start date. If you are unable to commence receiving the Project service in the foreseeable future due to unforeseeable circumstances, the rules listed under Project Cancellation below, will apply.

Force Majeure

In the event of any Force Majeure incident, such as major internet interruptions, war, riots, civil disturbances, severe weather, flood, earthquake, natural disaster or other such Acts of God that make it dangerous or impossible to safely undertake the Project, it is your responsibility to monitor the circumstances at your location and notify us of any deterrents that prevent you from safely undertaking the Project. WorkforceAI will use its own means to verify the Force Majeure and, in its sole discretion, determine the follow up course of action.

Project Cancellation - Recurring Subscription Projects

Payments for subscription services are for a monthly period following the date on which the subscription payment was made. A customer wishing to cancel a service can place a stop payment on the method used to transact the payment, usually a credit card or bank transfer. Cancellation will become effective in the month following the date on which the notice of cancellation was received by the WorkforceAI.

Refunds on unused portions of a subscription period payments will not be prorated and no such refund will be available to the customer unless a disruption was caused by a Force Majeure, in which case the Company will deal with this on an individual basis with the subscriber..

Project Cancellation - One-Time Projects

You must give WorkforceAI advanced written notice of your intention to cancel an Project contract. The date of the cancellation will be the date the request was received by us. The rules below will apply if you cancel your Project.

Advanced Notice % Amt Refund Requirement Decision
45 days or more 100% written notice received automatic approval
20 -to 44 days 65% written request received automatic approval
5 to 19 days 25% written request received subject to company discretion
1 to 5 days 5% written request with proof of condition(s) subject to Company discretion
24 hours 0% written request with proof of condition(s) approval subject to Company discretion
no notice 0% follow-up option to be determined approval subject to Company discretion


The amount of your refund on a one-time project will be based solely on the monies paid to and received by the Company.  Refund will be calculated based on the total payment made and received. Refunds will be processed using the same means that were used to pay for the Project contract. Refunds will be determined and processed within forty-five(45) days of receipt of the notice of cancellation. Requests for refund of payments related to any payment made to third parties for your Project, must be referred to the third party concerned.

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