WorkforceAI is the fastest way to handle continuous change needs in your workforce skills.... It leverages the power of AI to integrate skills data, people and technology with an easy UI that facilitates better informed decision-making. By identifying changing skills gaps and providing the means to quickly up-skill people, it engenders perpetual workforce readiness and sustainability, leading to massively transformative business outcomes. Read more
High-Res CHRO's and Technology

AI-Driven Intelligent Techniques

WorkforceAI is an AI-driven skills intelligence platform for C-Suite executives. It combines the principles of systems engineering, data analytics, intelligent software engineering, computer science and human-centric design into  a holistic solution consistent with organizations' needs for better, faster and more accurate information about their workforce skills and competencies. It is especially suited to the forward-thinking CHRO who, with their CEO,  has the key responsibility for the future success of the organization.

The solution responds to the need to persist as emergence of new technologies and other software releases continue to accelerate. Practical intelligent processes that collect, review, interpret and validate workforce skills must be incorporated into the methods  to ensure successful continuous validity.

Skills Inventory Management

Jobroles and Skillsets

Our AI-driven WorkforceAI platform uses intelligent methods to collect and organize data about jobroles and their related skillsets. To date, built-in intelligent software pipeline has collected and catalogued over two thousand distinct job roles and one thousand skillsets. This collection will grow as new job titles emerge and new technologies are released.

Low Effort – Low learning curve : Designed for busy C-Suite executives. A minimal UI designed to capture the entire organization’s skills data, both soft and hard, in a single pass that can be completed in a day or two.

Skills Gaps

With the growing shortage of adequately skilled talent, skills gaps in the organization keep getting wider with time. WorkforceAI intelligence identifies potential talent gaps, enabling organizations to proactively implement timely upskilling and reskilling initiatives across the entire organization. 

Upskilling and reskilling the internal workforce is the preferred method for shrinking the skills gap in the organization's workforce.

With its built-in workforce intelligence, data on individual skills and competencies available from WorkforceAI enable organizations to easily identify skill gaps and opportunities for upskilling or reskilling their employees. This ensures decision-makers have the necessary data and abilities to plan and implement programs that continuously equip their employees with skills that meet the demands of a rapidly evolving marketplace. 

Workforce Readiness
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