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A powerful new AI-driven method to build a complete and 100% accurate skills inventory quickly. It's easy to use, flexible and comprehensive!
Build an inventory of skills for 5,000 or more employees in one week.
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Identify Your Skills Gap

Strengthen your workforce readiness by quickly identifying the skill gaps.
Tailor skills for existing or new job roles, continuously monitor for missing and emerging skills. Handle vacancies, in-house, hybrid or remote workers. Access trainers, consultants and IT experts to fill those skills gaps quickly and cost-effectively.

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Work Remotely

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Major Industries Covered


Agriculture and Forestry


Distribution and Warehousing

Education and Training

Electronics and Telecomm

Energy and Utilities

Engineering and Construction

Financial and Insurance Services



Media and Publishing

Mining and Natural Resources

Sports and Entertainment


Travel and Accommodation

Organization Structure Types

Divisional Organization Structure

Functional Organizational structure

Geographical Divisional Structure

Hierarchical Organizational Structure

Horizontal Organizational Structure

Matrix Organizational Structure

Network Organizational Structure

Team-based Organizational Structure

Skills Gap Major Features

Staffing Goal Setting

Performance Metrics

Full Organization Coverage

Divisions + Departments

Data Privacy Guarantee

Highly Secure

Over 150 Job Roles

Over 1,000 skillsets

Reskilling/Upskilling Needs

Talent Recruitment Support